Cocky Felon Returns to Jail, Manhandled by Prison Warders

This felon’s been used to getting his way in everything that he does. He has the street smarts and the bravado that could expel his adversaries. He’s naturally intimidating to them. He wears that overbearing stance like a charm. It works a lot to his advantage in the outside world. It also draws unwanted attention to himself on the flip side. It’s the kind of attention you really don’t want for yourself when you find yourself back in prison.

When the authorities of Strip Search Hell apprehended him, the felon has no choice but to keep his chin up and hold himself against the guards as haughtily as possible. The last thing he wants is to be seen as a pushover. That can be hard to turn around if you’ve been a jailbird for a while.

It’s totally a different story when you draw the attention of perverted jail warders to yourself. A lot of humiliating things can happen as they hold almost absolute authority over you.

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Watch this arrogant jailbird get completely humiliated only on Strip Search Hell!

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