David Gets His Ass Whipped by Rich

I love quite a number of shoots from Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. I actually like the amateur feel that it provides to its fans. There’s less pretense than what you’ll usually find in a professionally done shoots, with professional porn actors. That’s usually the attraction. In a professional shoot, the actors seem unreachable, whereas in amateur shoots, you can easily get lost in the fantasy that you can pick that guy right off the streets.

This is no exception. David’s pretty rough around the edges. He’s very street, and that’s what makes him hotter. I have to apologize in advance for the quality of this video that I just scooped up from one of the porn tubes out there. If you look past that though, you’ll enjoy the content thoroughly. There’s this part where David got so pissed that he just lashed at Rich whenever he got whipped. As for me, I’m just enjoying that body tied up like that. The whip is simply a bonus. 🙂

If you want to see similar types of models getting edged or teased or tied up, then you should go check out Slow Teasing Hand Jobs.

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