Debut of Captured Paratrooper on Russian Captured Boys

This has got to be the best whipping that Russian Captured Boys has produced thus far. My gosh! The model? Just a perfect specimen for this shoot. He’s a man with bulging muscles that beg for the whip!

Here’s the deal. The supposed paratrooper is such a man of few words. He was captured and brought to the torture camp at RCB. The interrogators were undoubtedly eager to inflict the whipping. They had to first get his confession though but the paratrooper kept his lips sealed.

Just look at that gigantic metal collar and those metal cuffs wrapped around those wrists. This man is a fucking sight to behold! Not only is the paratrooper one of the hottest models ever to grace the interrogation rooms of RCB, the whipping scene is also well-staged. It’s a typical POW setting where a soldier is captured beyond enemy lines and then subjected to different kinds of torture. That’s what’s happening here.

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