Dirk Caber – Edged Against His Will

There was a scene on Men On Edge that lies on the “taken against will” theme. For those of us who enjoy gay BDSM, it could trigger a form of arousal at the very thought. Who wouldn’t get turned on? Imagine a super hunky dad gets abducted and strung up, just like a piece of meat for the taking. That’s precisely what we’ll get to see in this gay bondage video. Dirk Caber is quite famous in the gay porn industry and you will get to see him in such a vulnerable, yet erotic position, then taken advantage of. This video was first made available in Feb. 2014 but I’ve decided to revive it into Feb. 2015 because it’s a high-quality and well executed shoot from Men On Edge.

I’m going to quote the blurb from MOE’s site so you have a better idea. Oh, do enjoy the titillating pics that follow. :-p

Van and John Jammen wheel in hot muscled stud, Dirk Caber as he’s bound with duct tape around his mouth. Suspended by his arms, Dirk’s clothes are torn away as the two pervs start playing with his cock. Van shoves John’s head down as he swallows Dirk’s cock, his moans muffled by the duct tape stuck to his lips. With his hands bound at the thighs, Dirk’s rock hard cock stands at attention as his two captors continue teasing him. Pre-cum drips out of Dirk’s cock as the two pervs pinch nipple clamps onto the muscled stud and tease him with the vibrating hitachi’s on his cockhead. On his knees, Dirk has the shockspot machine fuck his ass from behind as John Jammen gives him a face full of cum. They then roll the hairy hunk over on his back and continue to fuck him with the machine while they milk all the cum out of his cock and finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment.”

34599_004 34599_006 34599_008 34599_012 34599_014 34599_016 34599_042 34599_047 34599_048**Men on Edge**

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