A Fake Judge – Part 1

Today Russian Captured Guys has featured a very promising male slave to take center stage in a gay BDSM themed clip. We call him slave 77. The supposed “fake judge” volunteers himself to exact the punishment by delivering fifty lashes on the poor lad’s back…a well-formed one, I should say.

Take a look at this perfect picture. Imagine the horrifying thickness of the single tail, offering its fiery kiss against the smooth back of this Russian hunk tied to the steel frame, spread-eagled. There’s no hotter position than to see a guy in this position, whether you see the front or back.

DSC_5021 DSC_5043 DSC_5031The BDSM clip begins with the judge reading the sentence to slave 77, actually his name used to be Mikhail. He’s now reduced to a number after the sentence was delivered. He will also be imprisoned for three months and receive fifty lashes as a corporal punishment.

DSC_5034 DSC_5078The judge demands for slave 77 to strip and change into the slave outfit. That’s a treat for us because we get to see a glimpse of his tight and well-muscled body. Doesn’t he just look marvelous? 🙂

DSC_5085 DSC_5086Yes, he happens to have a very handsome face as well.

One thing I love about RCB is their undeniably good taste in male models featured in any of the BDSM clips. They come in different kinds, cater to various tastes, accommodate almost any type of fetish when it comes to looks.

Slave 77 is no exception. He has a profile that will get some men digging underneath their pants to massage that itching stick.

DSC_5038I have to say that the part 1 of this BDSM video only features slave 77’s back being whipped. It’s almost like a teaser or, perhaps, a trailer to the sequel. If you love looking at the magnificent backs of gorgeous men, then this BDSM clip won’t disappoint.

I’m confident that the sequel will feature the front side of our male slave (Hoping a lot! :-p)

You wouldn’t want to miss this video if you’re into stuff like this, plus Russian Captured Guys has plenty of other BDSM scenes of this kind. You can thank me later. 🙂

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