Football Star Trey Becomes The Master’s Toy – Part I

Warning: The following short story is a work of fiction and may contain themes such as bondage and dubious consent that could offend someone. Also, do not continue if you are under age. The story was also inspired by the bondage series called Master’s Toy that you can watch on Bound Up Boys.

Trey strolled down the school parking lot and made his way to his class.

That was all it took to get the girls’ attention and make them giddy. He was arrogantly aware that he was gifted with the looks that could measure up to the Abercrombie & Fitch models, so he didn’t need to lift a finger if he wanted to basically get in some girl’s pants. He needed only take his pick and everything would fall into place.

Such was the life of the football star Trey.

“Hello, ladies,” said Trey while shamelessly staring at their breasts and butts. Well, he didn’t have to be modest about that since the girls would gladly reveal everything to him, and I meant everything.

“Hello, Trey, are you free after class to take me to the movies?”

“Trey, would you drive me home later? My car broke down.”

“Would you join me for dinner this Saturday?”

“I can give you a good head if you let me in the front seat of your car later. Drive anywhere.”

Everyone was vying for his attention. The girls’ efforts ranged from the subtle and not so subtle. Trey had already been accustomed to it so he let them slide off.

But it wasn’t just girls that Trey attracted. Guys would also magnetize to him. They seemed to want to hang out and spend time with him all the time. Whether these advances were simply friendly or fraternal, no one could truly know.

If some of these guys were hiding in the closet and crushing on him, Trey didn’t really care as long as they didn’t act on their desires. He was straight and he dug girls, therefore it was girls he’d want to fuck. End of story.

Apart from girls and guys, Trey also attracted Alan.

Alan was a recluse and he also didn’t go to the same school Trey went. In fact he didn’t go to school because he didn’t feel the need to get an academic education. There were other far more interesting things that got his attention. Other sources of interesting knowledge where he could learn and perfect the crafts he wanted to pursue. One of them in particular was stalking popular college athletes… arrogant college athletes.

He was also done stalking. He wanted something more fulfilling.

He wanted to play using these college athletes and he needed a good toy.

It was time to set out his first plan to capture his first victim. There was no more perfect candidate than the arrogant dude who just walked by the ladies and unapologetically objectified them. He was so sure of himself, and he acted as if the world owed him everything.

He needed to be taught a lesson and Alan would be his teacher.

Alan had been watching Trey now for about two weeks. He knew that Trey always left his water bottle and gym bag in the car. He then went for the first two classes in the morning, would be gone for about two and a half hours, then return to his car to retrieve the bottle and the bag. He always drank his water in that part of the routine, then listened to a song or two in his car before returning back to the building.

On that day of judgment, Alan broke into Trey’s car and put something in his bottle. The effect of this drug was almost immediate. Trey would be knocked out within five to ten seconds after ingesting it.

He’d wait in the back.

The stupid college athlete was arrogant enough to think that no one would dare break into his car. He seriously thought he was invincible. Well, he’d learn his rough lesson later on.

Alan glanced at his watch while hiding underneath the junk in the back seat. The football jock was a typical guy…messy and disorganized. In other circumstances, it would upset Alan because of his obsessive-compulsive nature. In this situation, however, he appreciated the jock’s clumsiness because it served to his advantage.

Any minute now and the guy would enter his car and drink from his bottle.

Alan heard the door open. He heard Trey sat automatically in the driver seat and started the ignition. He opened the bottle and blasted the stereo. How typical, predictable, and very foolish. Alan smiled in spite of it.

Just a little bit after five seconds, Alan heard him snore.

He knew that the football jock would be knocked out for about two hours. It was more than enough time to take him to that secluded and abandoned warehouse not terribly far from the school, so he pulled him out of the driver seat and positioned him in the front seat instead. After Alan put his seat belt on, he took over the wheel and drove away.

Alan was exhilarated and nervous. He was now running different images in his head on how to enjoy Trey’s hot body. He was feeling hard just visualizing how the arrogant jock would be furious stuck in his bondage, and even more furious when another man touched his body that he obviously reserved for the ladies. Hah! We’ll see about that. He could struggle all he wanted but he wasn’t going anywhere until Alan was finished with him.

Alan would no doubt make an excellent toy out of him.

Two hours after….

Trey woke up but couldn’t see a single thing!

001 004 013 030 031 033If you enjoy the story, you’ll enjoy it more when you see the bondage video to complement the experience. Check that out on Bound Up Boys.

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