Football Star Trey Becomes The Master’s Toy – Part II

Note: Before you continue with this Bound-Up Boys bondage series, read the first part here!

“You might as well get used to seeing nothing,” Alan explained to the very anxious Trey. “In the course of my game, you don’t need your eyes. Sight is the least important of the senses you need. You just need to listen and obey.”

014“What the fuck are you talking about?” Trey angrily replied. “You cannot do this to me!”

“But I can,” said Alan matter-of-factly. “I just did.”

Trey continued to struggle in his bondage. He shook the chains violently. There was a trace of hope in his mind that if he shook it hard enough, the metal chains would break and set him free.

“You can struggle all you want. Those chains won’t break.”

Trey didn’t even respond. He just continued to shake and shake until he realized in the end it was futile.

“I will kill you once I get out this chains,” Trey said through gritted teeth.

“Empty words, but I’ll indulge you since you obviously do not understand the extent of your present situation yet.” Alan said and just looked at Trey. He decided to get straight to the point eventually. “I want to play you and there’s nothing you can do but submit to me. I’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure you do exactly that.”

“At the moment a couple of my guys are monitoring your beloved sister, doting after her in the shadows. Now, let’s say, I become quite unhappy with your lackluster cooperation, I only need to tip them off,” Alan finished his stame

“What do you mean tip them off?” Trey asked even though he already knew the grave implication behind those words.

“Well, a hundred different accidents may take place in such turbulent times, don’t you agree? It would be unfortunate if our loved ones get caught in one.”

“Don’t you fucking dare hurt my sister!” Trey became hysterical and tugged at the chains that bound him.

“That will depend on how cooperative you’ll be.” Alan said while running his index finger on the center of Alan’s naked chest down to his belly button.

“Please! Don’t hurt my sister. I’ll cooperate with whatever you want to do!”

“Good. Now you don’t know how much that makes me happy, Trey. Remember….one wrong move is only what it takes. It’s up to you if you want to chance that.”

Alan let the last threat hang in the air. Let Trey soak in that and reflect upon it.

After a few seconds Alan lowered the suspension crane that held Trey.

“Now I want you to lie on your back on that table and place your hands above your head.”

It didn’t really matter that Trey was feeling nervous. It didn’t even help that the blindfold stayed on. He was cornered into doing everything this man wanted. Despite his deep hesitation, he obeyed.

015 016He felt something bit into his nipples. It wasn’t painful but it made him feel uncomfortable all the same. Whatever was happening next, logic dictated that something good wasn’t going to follow.

023After a few seconds of pondering in his head, he felt a tingling sensation. It’s the same feeling when you accidentally touched the door knob in cold winter and you get shocked. He felt that but then again it was increasing in intensity…and then it suddenly became quite intolerable!

“AAAAaaaaaagghhhh!” He screamed because the pain from electric shocks shooting into his nipples were sharp.

“Hahaha! Sorry, I didn’t mean to tickle you,” Alan said while still adjusting the power surge in his hands.

Alan particularly enjoyed the sight of this jock writhing in pain.

But he needed more.

He deserved more.

So he let on until nothing could be heard but the football star’s scream.

005 033 009Eventually Alan started to become bored with electrocution. He started fondling Trey’s body and shamelessly stroked his cock. His touch was gentle, even soothing. He wasn’t offering comfort to his captive though. He was touching him because he wanted to feel his muscles underneath his palm.

003 008He felt a certain high from that experience. The sensation of power was making him heady, but he basked in the feel of it.

023And so he retrieved the paddle from the closet.

He would beat his body  a little then heat it up with freshly melted candlewax. Now that was an idea!

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