The Forbidden Tango featuring Adam Ramzi on Men on Edge

Today premiers the Forbidden Tango featuring Adam Ramzi on Men on Edge. I first blogged about Adam when he appeared on one of TitanMen’s shoots. I think he’s super hot. He has that dark, handsome appeal that tickles my fancy.

Now he’s trapped within the sadistic hands of Van Darkholme and Sebastian Keys. He plays a rude and overbearing Tango instructor. He’s definitely a major prick here ruffling the feathers of the wrong men. It didn’t take long for Sebastian and Van to subdue him and tie him up for their taking. These two love teasing hot, hunky men and bring them to the edge.

Adam ends up in a rope sling, dangling in front of his mirrors, watching his body twist against the denied orgasms. Van rigs a dildo into the web of ropes, making Adam fuck himself as he squirms with Sebastian worshipping his feet. They finally let Adam’s cock explode in thick, heavy cum.”

Check out some of these photos right here:

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Watch Adam Ramzi begging to cum only at Men on Edge.

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