Frank’s First Spanking on Reluctant Young Men

I first featured Frank getting edged while tied to a massage table. There’s something so sexy about this guy. He’s rough around the edges for sure but he exudes that shy personality which makes him hotter in my eyes, probably yours too. 🙂  is strong and muscular, a masculine, straight driveway paver with a muscular body, thick

Rich has this muscular, tattooed man on his lap here on Reluctant Young Men and he immediately spanks his round ass. Frank starts with a look of confidence,  but it quickly turns to distress as he feels Rich’s hands smacking down on his buttocks repeatedly. We can see Frank getting angry, but the look of pain is mostly undeniable. Rich then picks up a bath brush and uses it to assault Frank’s already reddened butt cheeks. Frank can only submit and you can hear him yelping in pain.

FrankSpanked1 FrankSpanked2 FrankSpanked3 FrankSpanked4 FrankSpanked5 FrankSpanked6 FrankSpanked7

Watch Frank’s ass turns cherry red only on Reluctant Young Men!

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