Gay of Thrones – Part 3

Last week we see Part 2 of this gay porn parody on MEN. This week we are in for a treat as we see Damien Crosse plays the charismatic Oberyn Tyrell from that famous medieval fantasy show that has captured the hearts of so many in the nation, if not the world. If you’ve been following the show, there’s a scene of Oberyn Tyrell fooling around at a local brothel in King’s Landing. For many gay folks, we could only wish that the character had a bi-sexual inclination and made the advances towards the strapping Olyver…Wouldn’t you like to know that such a wish would be granted! Seeing that translated into this phenomenal gay porn parody is nothing short of amazing! Christopher Daniels plays the character Olyver pretty well.


In the beginning of the scenes, there were three handsome men summoned into the presence of Prince Oberyn for appraisal. Two of the men were burly and the other was very youthful and possessing a twink-like appearance. I particularly have a crush on that strapping man in the middle.

GayOfThronesPart3DMH02 GayOfThronesPart3DMH04

For a moment, I was hoping Damien would just devour him…I truly wish he did though!

But then after the careful appraisal, he dismisses the three lads and centered his focus on Olyver….Not long Olyver ends up on his knees slurping on Damien’s cock.


It wouldn’t be done without the gay fucking, of course. Damien Crosse is super hot, masculine, and just plain sexy while he rams his rod into Christopher Daniels pink hole. I could also just listen to his very raw voice as he moans, lost in the pleasure.

GayOfThronesPart3DMH08 GayOfThronesPart3DMH14 GayOfThronesPart3DMH15

Catch the whole video just on MEN!

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