Doms Elio Guzman and Aday Traun Demand Service from Subs Ricky Leon and Lander Pass in HardKinks Bullfight Edition Vol. 1

I dove right into the different bondage videos featured on HardKinks and I got easily engrossed with the BullFight Edition series. In the very first one, we get to see Ricky Leon as a sub, and he’s good as one as he is a dom!

Doms Elio Guzman and Aday Traun demand infallible service from the subs Ricky Leon and Lander Pass. When the subs aren’t delivering according to the doms’ high expectations, they get a rough treatment as a reminder to better elevate their game.

I particularly love the part where the doms have the subs lick their sweaty armpits! It’s so dirty but uber hot!!! Now that’s how you treat subs.

esc12-22There’s also plenty of foot service here. First they had the slaves smell their soiled socks. If you have a foot fetish, I can easily imagine how the specific scenes here would cater to that very well.

esc12-41 esc12-54There’s also piss play here. So for those of you piss pigs who really get a kick out of scenes like that, the piss scene here will definitely appeal to you. The doms really treat the subs as disgusting urinals that they are!

esc12-89 esc12-62esc12-91 esc12-138 esc12-143The Bullfight Edition comes in three episodes and I cannot wait to share with you the second one featuring Ruben Mastin! Watch out for that.

Catch the entire video at HardKinks!

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