HardKinks Bullfight Edition Vol. 2

Since I just stumbled upon HardKinks not so long ago, I have decided that I will be featuring some of their bondage videos because I really like the quality of the shoots. The production is not as big as, let’s say, Kink but the producers are really devoted in providing excellent videos. So I’m going to feature another throwback. But before you continue further, check out Vol. 1 first.

HardKinks came into existence on March 15th 2012. As a step to celebrate their second year in business, they have put together the Bullfight Edition series to celebrate their growing success in the gay porn industry with specific focus on the gay bondage niche.

They assembled five of the hottest Spanish men to participate in this sizzling BDSM video with almost no holds barred!

Take a look at Ruben Mastin, Robin Sanchez, Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, and Andrea Suarez rough it up in the second volume!

I very much love the scene where they hang Ruben Mastin in the air like a slab of meat on display in a wet market.

Well, just watch the gay bondage video for some hot master and slave session!

Here are some photos and a trailer to get you started:

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Catch the video only at HardKinks!

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