HardKinks Bullfight Edition Vol. 3

HardKinks celebrated their third year in business with a bang. The Bullfight Edition has become a tradition ever since the the birth of this Spanish gay bondage site. I also support their mission to give opportunities to promising new actors who are eager to step into the gay porn industry, particularly in the gay bondage niche.

If you haven’t seen the previous edition, click here for Vol 2.

Masters Macanao Torres and Sergio Mutty are the year’s guests of honor. What better way to express HardKink’s hospitality than to grace them with three very submissive slaves, eagerly waiting to serve their needs!

Watch as the very dominant duo uses the slaves very roughly, as expected from very bossy masters who demand nothing short of stellar service from their slaves.

See how the masters use the slaves as human toilets and fill them up with their piss, fuck their holes without any regard for their welfare and comfort, and shove their stiff cocks into the slaves’ mouths until they choke.

And when they’re done toying with the subs, pleasing themselves, and satiating their sexual needs, they use them as nothing more but a piece of furniture.

HardKinks went all out for this production. You should check out their third year special!  I can almost see you running to the bathroom just to relieve yourself. ;-P

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Watch this bondage video at HardKinks!

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