Hayden Richards – Edged and Bound for the First Time

Ah! Hayden, oh Hayden, you sexy beast! This is one of the older clips on Men On Edge but I really love this. It’s no doubt one of my most favorite videos in the kinky world of gay porn. There’s something so specifically sexy and perverted about this whole scene (click to see trailer) that you can see for yourself.

Just take a look at the pics below. There are definitely many photos and videos out there of guys in bondage but the following pictures are just erotic. There’s a part in here when Van (the Asian dude) asked Hayden if his nipples were sensitive. I suppose it was to see if they could use his nipples to their advantage when they cruelly “edge” him. Unfortunately Hayden’s nipples aren’t sensitive. Sebastian and Van didn’t let that discourage them so they explored and played with Hayden’s body until they played with his armpit hair! You can see Hayden squirm, obviously enjoying the sensation. That’s one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen out there.

29063_01429063_013 29063_03429063_044 29063_041 29063_113 29063_144**Men On Edge**

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