His Torture Concludes at “Bodybuilder Roman in Slavery – Final”

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Resistance was futile.

It was the most important lesson that Roman had learned after just a few rounds with these sadists.

They left him alone…for now.

It was only a few minutes ago that they thoroughly enjoyed shocking the hell out of him using the metal mat.

Now he was having second thoughts.

Would he be able to last fighting?

Would it be worth it?

foto0002In the beginning he vowed that he would never give these goons the satisfaction and would hold onto his resistance for however long it took.

He was no longer so sure at the moment. The thought of submitting to another person, let alone another man, seemed more preferable than fighting the inevitable.

foto0021 foto0288Apart from inflicting physical pain, he knew that these guys expected him to submit sexually. He tried to set aside the thought but his masculine self couldn’t bear the image of giving himself to another man.


Roman was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the permanent collar they snapped around his neck.

foto0000“Listen up, slave boy, this collar is a state-of-the-art invention.” The man with the sunglasses bragged. “It tracks how far off you’d wander off. If you wander outside of the acceptable perimeter, volts of electricity would shoot right into your neck. The farther you go, the higher the voltage.”

Roman didn’t even say anything, but he believed every word the man said. He knew how much pain an electric shock could bring through the sole of his feet. What more if it shot straight into his neck? He really didn’t want to try that.

“Do you understand why you now have a collar, boy?” The man with sunglasses asked. “It’s because you are now a full-fledged slave trained to obey your master’s whims. If you fail even once, the consequences would be severe.”

Again, Roman didn’t doubt it.

“Stand up and present yourself! Hands behind your head!”

foto0759Roman immediately followed the command. They have successfully beaten him into submission.

“Now give me 20 push-ups!”

foto0728Again, Roman found himself promptly descending down on the floor in plank position and did as the man commanded.

foto0877It was amazing how he swiftly carried out the commands without hesitation. At the same time it terrified him on how nimble his mind had become in just a few hours with these villains.

In reality, they had become so successful that Roman found pleasure in being mastered…

foto0671foto0984Watch the final draw of Roman’s sufferings only on Russian Captured Boys!

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