Home Invasion: Straight Boy Captured and Edged on Men on Edge

This week, Men on Edge is going to play into our dark fantasy of capturing a straight guy.

It features two of the most handsome boys on the KinkMen site: Zane Anders and Jackson Fillmore.

A man’s house may be his fortress. It offers protection from the wicked ways of the outside world. That’s what southern boy Zane Anders thinks. Meanwhile, Van and Jackson stealthily make their way inside Zane’s safe haven and hide in the basement.

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Zane walks down to the basement and that’s where they trapped him. The poor dude tries to wriggle them off but fails. His captors then tie him down on a chair and remove his clothes. They feel his body up and down and this makes Zane respond. He can’t help it. The sensation of these touches sends him quickly into overdrive.

Jackson fondles Zane’s hard-on and pulls his dick out from his underwear. He then applies some nipple suckers and goes down and blows him.

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Meanwhile, Van gets busy improvising an edging masterpiece from an air compressor and a Fleshjack. This puts Zane on edge as Van turns it up full-blast. This goes on for a while and has brought Zane to the brink of orgasm many times.

They then drag Zane to his bed and play with his asshole. Jackson mounts Zane and rides him until he’s shooting cord of cum into his own face. ¬†Jackson and Van cap it off by tickling Zane.

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Watch this southern boy gets edged only on Kink Men!

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