Hot Leather Stud Dale Cooper Gets Edged by Jackson Fillmore on Men on Edge

Dale Cooper had already appeared on Men on Edge once and now he’s looking for a repeat experience. Who better else will be the best person to edge him than the very handsome Jackson Fillmore.

Dale gets tied up to the post, Jackson goes ahead and starts edging him. He teases Dale’s cock and spends a good time playing with its head. He then deepthroats it. It’s enough for Dale to feel that need to explode very soon. He no doubt will shoot a load if Jackson’s talented mouth doesn’t stop right now.

Dale starts begging. Much as he wants to shoot now, it’s too soon. He wants to savor the whole thing first. He wants to prolong the climax because Jackson’s mouth is good on his cock right now. He’s powerless to do even wiggle as he’s tightly bound.

Jackson gets help and moves Dale over to a forked cross and gets secured down there. They spread his legs apart, making Dale feel more vulnerable. As the pressure in his balls mounts, Dale gets desperate and starts sucking Jackson’s cock as his head hangs over while tied down.


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See Dale Cooper gets teased by Jackson Fillmore only on Men on Edge!

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