Hunky Prince Talim Submits on All Four for a Closer Ass Inspection

Adrian and David have deceptively lured Prince Talim to strip off his clothes so his adversary can have a better look on cam. Now they want to further his humiliation. The truth is that there’s actually no one behind the camera. They just tricked the prince to do so because they are the ones who have been lusting over him.

Hands locked behind his head, the proud prince endures the humiliation if it’s the only way to get out of this mess. Little did he know that there’s actually no offended party. He doesn’t know that, though. Now these fucking perverts want him to get down on all fours so they can spread his ass. It’s beyond humiliating but he submits regardless. He’s never had men touching him like this before.

Lost in his own thoughts, Prince Talim quickly finds himself on the floor while the two guys spread his butt cheeks apart. They then inserts a huge dildo up his ass. The pain is unbearable but it’s the pain of slowly losing his dignity that hurts more.

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Watch the proud Prince Talim submit to some humiliating ass inspection only on CMNM!

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