I Love The Pain, Sir!

“I love the pain sir!”

Now in this Bound Gods’ gay bondage flick we’re treated to some chocolate delight. Micah’s got the most beautiful skin, and it’s even more beautiful when whipped while he’s secured and struggling upon the St. Andrew’s cross.

One of the things that can stir “it” up for bondage lovers like me is seeing a piece of meat tied up with a blindfold on. Micah’s a true pain slut and it’s quite evident in this gay porn video.

Bound Gods’ Blurb: Bound to a post and blindfolded, Micah Brandt trembles as he waits for what house dom Connor Maguire has in store for him. Mr Maguire starts playing with his new sub, tormenting Micah’s tender nipples, hard cock and even his balls with the zapper.

Micah is moved to the ass splitter while three painful clover clamps pinch on each nipple. Having the slut admit that he loves the pain, Connor delivers more brutal zaps before tearing the clamps off while Micah screams at the top of his lungs.

Hanging on the St. Andrew’s cross, Micah endures a harsh flogging, while he’s reminded to show his gratitude. Still bound to the cross, Micah is flipped over and rammed from behind by his dom’s massive cock.

On his hands and knees, with a collar around his neck, Micah worships Connor’s beautiful feet. Decided that Micah finally earned the right to service his cock, Connor pulls his sub up to his dick and fucks the back of Micah’s throat.

Sadist Hunk Torments Black Cock
Connor then throws Micah to the floor, having his sub jerk off while again sucking Connor’s toes. Using his foot, Connor smears Micah’s load all over his cum-hungry face before he’s brought to his knees for one final fuck. Begging for cum, Micah’s rewarded with his master’s load.

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