Kenny Gets it Harder on His Ass – Reluctant Young Men

Kenny had been featured two weeks ago in a spanking video on RYM. He’s back because he needs fast cash so he’s willing to submit to almost anything. Rich uses that as a leverage to get what he wants out of the young man.

The handsome young man is undeniably anxious and afraid, but he has very little choice. Rich wastes no precious time so he gets the lad on his knee and begins the assault on his ass with his hands, followed by a hair brush.

He gasps and whimpers one minute and then he howls because he’s desperate to escape the pain.  He can no longer take it so he finally begs Rich to stop.

KennyHarder1 KennyHarder2 kennyHarder3 KennyHarder4 Kennyharder5 KennyHarder6 KennyHarder7 KennyHarder8

Watch Kenny whines and cries after getting it hard on his ass only on Reluctant Young Men!

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