Kyler Ash Plays Coy and Gets Trapped on Men on Edge

Tonight’s episode of Men on Edge features Kyler Ash and a porn actor that’s becoming one of my favorites, Jackson Fillmore.

Jackson Fillmore is feeling really horny so he decides to cruise the men’s room to see who’s up to get their cock sucked. He sees Kyler Ash walks in and stands in front of the toilet. Jackson sends cues and shamelessly stares at Kyler’s dick so he backs off.

Van gets into the scene and tackles Kyler with the help of Jackson. They lock him in place with ropes and slide his cock into the glory hole. Jackson is finally ready to satisfy his urge tonight so he goes down and starts teasing Kyler’s cock. The poor stud gets uber aroused from the sensation and warmth of Jackson’s mouth. He starts to groan and not long after that begs for his captors to let him cum but they won’t let him off the hook that easy.

Both guys pulled Kyler into the stall and tease him more with a fleshlight. Kyler’s too aroused to think clearly now. He was beside himself with lust. Before he could regain his full sanity, Van and Jackson hoist him up and order him to suck Jackson’s cock. HOT!!!! My favorite scene here is probably when they tied Kyler and got his dick into the glory hole while Jackson sucked on it!

That’s tonight episode of Men on Edge. Watch the entire video now.

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See Kyler’s teasing tonight on Men on Edge!

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