Leonardo Wrist-Cuffed from Behind and Fucked Hard by Dave on BreederFuckers

Last time, Footballer Leonardo gets an enema and then fucked furiously. Now he winds up in a vulnerable position and is completely naked. He’s cuffed from behind with his balls attached to his feet. It’s a very uncomfortable position, no doubt. He’s exposed to any pervert walking by, just like the one sadistic fucker named Dave.

Dave exploits the straight lad, caressing and grabbing him openly. He grinds against his ass, eager to just slide his growing erection into the straight cunt’s tight hole. But first… he spreads the poor man’s butt cheeks apart and stretches him open. Leonardo can only moan from this ministration.

The straight captive only wishes that it stops there. He couldn’t be more wrong because this will just lead to one big fucking disappointment. Dave wastes no further time and sadistically pulls on Leonardo’s hair and positions himself behind him.  He fucks the hetero with such enthusiasm and force guaranteed to put the poor lad in so much agony.

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