Liam’s Humiliation and Sufferings at BreederFuckers

Liam has that look that we can all relate to — we see them every day in the streets when we drive down in our cars, or when we walk to the store and pick up the groceries, or when we are just strolling around the bustling downtown area.

In other words, he has that everyday-guy look that we all have been fantasizing and Breederfuckers just found a way to put that fantasy into a series of humiliation and bondage videos.

Let’s face it – if we all have our own private dungeons, we would want to have someone like Liam occupying one of our cages. Haha!

Now, check him out as he goes through different ordeals at the hands of creatively sadistic Adrian and Dave on Breederfuckers.

Enjoy some of these telling photos of what Liam had gone through!

BreederfuckersLiam2 BreederfuckersLiam3 breederfuckersliam5 breederfuckersliam7 breederfuckersliam1 breederfuckersLiam4 breederfuckersliam6

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