Mac Gets Attention on his Nips, Pits, and Dick on STHJ

Ah! I love it! Mac’s back on Slow Teasing Hand Jobs and I love finding him tied down on Rich’s infamous massage table. We last saw him getting a good beating on his ass the last time.

Rich has the young man completely naked with hands tied over his head, completely helpless from Rich’s sensual assaults.

Rich oils up his hands and starts to slowly feel Mac’s athletic body up. He explores every inch and licks his sensitive pits and nipples while simultaneously jerking his hard cock off. This sends Mac into overdrive, completely lost in the ecstasy of Rich’s ministrations.

He can only gasp, pant, and uselessly shakes his hips as the sensation keeps building up within his body.

NipsPitsDick1 nipspitsdick2 nipspitsdick3 nipspitsdick4 nipspitsdick5 nipspitsdick6 nipspitsdick7 nipspitsdick8


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