Master Keys Shows Slave Fillmore New Levels of Pain on Bound Gods

This is a good week. I have to say that. In so long, this has got to be one of the best productions that Bound Gods has ever produced. We’re no longer watching just gay porn here, or even gay bondage videos. This video tackles more than that. It dives into the psyche of the master-slave dynamic.

Sebastian Keys plays such an excellent good top. There’s balance in his approach. It’s not just about being domineering, but he’s also able to convey the compassion that a master has for his sub or slave despite inflicting the punishment.

Jackson Fillmore is one of the most attractive subs out there today. I’m not just talking about the population of Kink but also the rest. He’s actually so brave to bare it all and wear his inner emotions on his sleeve. It’s touching!

Below is an actual commentary on the video when you go to Kink Men.

Thank you for providing some of the most intense and emotional scenes I have seen from this site in a loooong time! I appreciated Jackson’s “purging” and his obvious connection with Sebastian, especially from the perspective that Sebastian has been “there” too. Fantastic job capturing the true nature of BDSM on camera.

Jackson Fillmore has barely any limits when it comes to becoming the new house slave. The master who’s going to test his endurance is no other than Master Sebastian Keys. He must break down this wannabe slave and see if he really has what it takes to become the ultimate fuck slave.

The first one in the order of business is that Jackson must be duct taped for days. He must withstand the endless teasing combined with the pain of getting beaten up. If he uses his safe word for that then he fails and he will no longer have another chance.

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When Jackson passed the duct tape confinement test unfolds some of the most intense scenes in gay BDSM today. There’s psychological conditioning where Master Keys really tests the mental capacity of this slave and see if he has the space and the mental acumen for this lifestyle. Jackson’s more than determined and he’s actually brave to bare his emotions for us to see. Again, the slave passed the test.

40456_5 40456_6

Up next, we see Jackson hauled up and stretched to his limit. This is such an awesome display of Jackson’s beautiful body. We’re in the front seat as Master Keys delivers some of the most intense whippings that we can see today.


After the slave has withstood the suspension torment, Master Keys is now ready to relieve his building lust and starts to fuck beautiful Jackson. He’s tied him against a wall with his ass fully exposed ready to take his throbbing cock.

40456_8 40456_16 40456_14

Master Keys wastes no more time and starts to fuck the slave in earnest. He busts a huge load. That’s his reward for Jackson who’s passed the test with flying colors!

Watch this very hot scene between a master and a slave only on Kink Men!

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