Master Leonardo Abuses his Worm on Brutal Tops

In this week’s episode of Brutal Tops, Master Leonardo continues to abuse his worm of a slave. He finds himself naked in the corner and this pissed him off more so he zaps the slave to ensure he obeys at the first order without delay.  It also made Master Leonardo horny.

He then orders the slave to undress him so the master could make use of the useless worm. As soon as the master is out of his clothes, he rams his dick into the slave’s mouth and fucked his mouth relentlessly. The slave gags but keeps on because he knows that the punishment would be so much worse if he didn’t keep up.

Meanwhile, as Master Leonardo feels somewhat satisfied that his cock has been well lubricated with the slave’s saliva, he orders him to lie on the floor so the master could sit on his face and demand the slave to give him a good rimming. Nothing gets him going than to feel the slave’s tongue licking his hole. He then orders the slave to drill his mouth into the hole…or else!

Do you fancy being the master or the slave? Either way, watch this hot scene on Brutal Tops!

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Watch Master Leonardo orders his slave around on Brutal Tops!

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