Men-on-Edgers Sebastian Keys and Jackson Fillmore Get Edged!

We’re featuring two Men-on-Edgers back to back in this episode of Men on Edge. I’m a big fan of Jackson Fillmore. I think he’s super hot! I could watch him and every episode and never fail to feel so damn turned on!

It’s a hot summer day in San Francisco so Jackson makes his way to the Armory where Men on Edge is headquartered. He craves spontaneous edging so Van decides to accommodate his request.

Jackson walks over to the bed and lies down. The handsome Joshua James is tasked to bring Jackson to the edge. Jackson gets easily lost in the sensation of Joshua’s mouth so he tries to mouth fuck the blonde boy so he could cum sooner but Van and Joshua will have none of it. Jackson must stay a bit longer so they stop whatever they’re doing just when Jackson has reached the brink of orgasm.

Van gets back to Jackson and uses the fleshjack on the man’s frustrated boner. As soon as Jackson feels the soft toy on his dick, he’s just about read to explode and fill it with his jizz. Van and Joshua James delay it a bit to see how long Jackson can hold it back. When they have frustrated him enough, they let him shoot a projectile of cum.

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In the week after…It’s Sebastian Keys‘s turn to get edged!

Sebastian’s been hard at work and doesn’t feel like going home until he gets a release. He doesn’t know what happens but he suddenly feels bouts of lust creeping up inside him. He needs some edging. Van feels Sebastian’s needs so he gets the horn ball over to the bed and ties him down to the massive bed. He teases him and ¬†puts him in a series of long, drawn out edges, that makes Sebastian feel like he’s going to lose his mind if he doesn’t bust a load soon.

Van is always up with new tricks to he puts two hitachis against Sebastian’s hard dick and set it up to full power. This of course makes Sebastian moans in sheer frustration. The day is getting longer so Van decides to finish Sebastian off and give him the satisfaction he badly needs to go home feeling satiated.

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Watch Jackson Fillmore and Sebastian Keys get teased on Men on Edge!

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