Military Intelligence Officer – Part I

I have one way to describe this scene: Evolutionary! Now, I’m not exaggerating. I think what elevates this quality bondage video from Russian Captured Boys is its nuanced approach to delivering pain from the part of the torturer, as well as taking it on the captive’s part. The reaction is very real. You can spot the involuntary shaking after the captive had taken quite a beating with the dreadful stick. I’m very much a fan of well-produced, high-quality bondage videos, especially those with male slave or captured soldier theme so I’ve seen a lot. Trust me when I say this is bringing that game to another level.

DSC_9104Also, the captive here possesses the right attributes: bodybuilder body, very short cropped hair, piercing eyes, and silent arrogance.

DSC_9133DSC_9140 DSC_9173 DSC_9205In the beginning of this bondage clip, we could see the captive’s arrogance by his scornful looks. Here’s the twist, though: the torturer returned the hateful looks with chillingly cool and clinical demeanor while beating him up. It’s like gradually extinguishing the fire with a bucket of cold water. Predictably, the captive’s resolve slowly came crumbling down. You could feel his suffering through those expressive reactions to the pain. Now if you want to feel his pain, check him out on RCB!

DSC_9206 DSC_9242 DSC_9266 DSC_9323 DSC_9285Always horny,

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