Mormon Boys III

Now you’ve had the appetizers in Parts I and II of the Mormon Boys series on Dream Boy Bondage. They were just teasers really. :-p Our Mormon boys’ nightmare continues in the third part. After Jared forcibly had Berry suck his cock, he continues to caress the poor boy’s body. He then went ahead and cut the thin white boxer away that elder Berry is wearing. This renders elder Titov in complete shock as the horror goes on and on. Jared’s not content looking at his captives in bondage. He has to elevate the excitement by attaching electrodes to elder Berry’s cock and balls. That’s classic DBB electric torture.

My favorite part of this episode is when the “Jared’s dad” begins commanding elder Titov to strip. The boy’s hesitation is a complete turn-on especially when they “motivate” him to speed it up at the expense of his poor comrade’s electric torture. You need to watch the complete scene in this high-quality gay bondage episode from Dream Boy!

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