The Muscular Royal Prince Talim is Blackmailed to Strip and Groped on CMNM

When I first saw the debut of Prince Talim series on CMNM, I suddenly got horny just by looking at him. The man is beautiful. He’s the perfect in every sense of the word. He’s also the right man to humiliate.

Arrogant and accustomed to people bowing down to him, Prince Talim finds himself in a bit of trouble. He’s overconfident that he’ll get out of this mess with very little effort. How very wrong he’s been. The prince has apparently offended a very powerful businessman with an extensive influence within the justice system.

Adrian plays the litigator that’s handling the case. Prince Talim approaches him and seeks to establish a common ground with the party that’s he’s offended. It turns out that the said businessman has been lusting over the prince for quite some time now and demands to see him naked and humiliated on cam to settle.

The prince is left aghast by this outrageous suggestion. How dare this commoner demand something from him, the prince? But there is no choice, he either submits to this ridiculous request or he risks the humiliation of his entire family. And Prince Talim doesn’t want this issue to get to his father, the King.

With that, he swallows up his pride and gives the businessman what he wants.

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Watch the beginning of Prince Talim’s humiliation only on CMNM!

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