Muscular Stud Strapped for Cash Submits to Rough Treatment on Breeder Fuckers

On Breeder Fuckers, muscle stud Shane is short on cash. He tries to score some gig with Dave and Adrian, even if it involves some strange photo shoot that involves bondage. He makes it very clear that he’s not interested in messing around with men. The staff assures that they will honor his wish so Shane lets them tie him up. He still has his clothes on so that’s definitely a good thing.

Once he’s fully bound and secure, Shane notices the difference in the Adrian and Dave’ posture as they look at him. In fact, they’re no longer looking. They’re leering at him and this makes him a bit uncomfortable. They approach him and work on removing his clothes. Shane struggles but realizes soon enough that it’s just not possible. These fuckers made sure that he’s tightly bound! His fear has become real when the perverts started to shred his clothes into pieces.

They then start playing with nipples, squeezing them without being gentle. The guys then start tracing their hands down his cock. The straight stud keeps struggling in protest and this just motivates the Dave and Adrian to treat him more roughly.

They grab his erection and start jerking him off. Shane’s cock is tied to a rope connected from the ceiling. The contraption forces Shane to stand on tip-toes. They then begin fingering the straight stud’s sphincter and pushing their digits up his virgin hole. The studly athlete simply groans, half in protest and the other half is surely in pleasure.

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Watch Shane the stud gets the rough treatment only on Breeder Fuckers!

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