Neighbors on Men – Part 2


After we salivated over our delicious gay porn daddies on the first part of Neighbors, has finally launched the gay sex scene between our twinks! Gay porn actors Dylan Drive and Trevor Spade team up in this steaming gay sex video as the sex-driven “neighbors.”

As usual, does an excellent job creating the “build-up” before the grand fucking. In this scene we see Dylan rummaging through Trevor’s stuff and finds a porn video of him. Trevor sees him watching and becomes a little pissed. Dylan just shrugs him off and tells him to show him how to use the dildo. Trevor gives in, of course, to our own delight! 🙂


Dylan ends up fucking Trevor. I wouldn’t blame him after seeing Trevor handles that dildo expertly up his ass.

It’s a little unusual because we’re all so used to the blow-job before the fucking. I think it’s actually cool the directors changed the order. It’s like a breath of fresh air, to be honest.

NeighborsPart2DMH13 NeighborsPart2DMH05

In the end, Trevor takes Dylan up his ass and fucks the holy hole out of him.
Now we can’t wait for our gay porn daddies to enter the picture once again. I’m sure that’ll be next on our menu. 🙂


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