Neighbors on Men – Part 3

Gay porn stars Billy Santoro fucked the hell hole out of Trevor Spade in this part of the series on MEN. The scene starts out with Trevor running towards his apartment, only to realize he locked himself out. He started cursing and acting really pissed. I have to give it to this gay porn actor though. He knew how to act realistically. With all the noise he’s making, it’s not long before the hot Billy Santoro opens his door, reprimanding the twink. As the supposed landlord, he gets the spare key begrudgingly. When they both get into the Trevor’s apartment, everything else becomes history. 🙂


Trevor slickly invited Billy inside the apartment, asking for him to check something out in the closet. While Billy went to do so, Trevor strips out of his clothes. This renders Billy a little shocked. He tells Trevor what the fuck he’s up to. Trevor confesses that he’s “horny” for him. Billy says that he’s married but this only fuels Trevor a lot more with his advances. He boldly approaches Billy and feels his boner up! That scene was uber hot!!!


It didn’t take long before Billy submits to Trevor’s twinky charm. Well, you know what happens next… but I’ll give you a little glimpse with these sizzling photos! :-p

NeighborsPart3DMH04 NeighborsPart3DMH07

What things that really stands out here is that brutal and urgent gay fucking. Billy was sooooo aggressive when he pounded into Trevor’s ass. Talk about pillaging somebody.

NeighborsPart3DMH08 NeighborsPart3DMH09 NeighborsPart3DMH14 NeighborsPart3DMH17

Watch  Billy owns Trevor in part 3 of Neighbors on MEN!

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