New Site Alert: Check out this one slave called Jan!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Russian Captured Boys. I can talk about their site all day and night, and have pretty much watched every single video available there is.

This post that I’m going to share with you next is not about them, though. In fact, I came across another website called Slave Boy Training. Now this site has a very good potential to even outdo RCB, in my humble and honest opinion, given time. They’ve been around since last year, and the site is gaining momentum within the gay bondage community, especially the very concept of owning your own male slave. In an alternate universe, I would surely love to have one, especially when they look someone like this guy below.

The website is called Slave Boy Training, and I will be featuring some screenshots in my upcoming posts from the different videos found on the site. SBT is not yet as polished as RCB, but the webmaster has many plans for the website. SBT and RCB have a fair amount of similarities, but with great distinction in between. RCB features stoic, feisty guys, whereas SBT showcases the obedient and docile. In short, they give you the fantasy of a broken man turned into a very well-trained male slave.

The screenshots below were taken from the video entitled Slaveboy Jan: Indoor Pony Training, Enjoy!

Jan2 Jan3 jan4 jan5 jan6 jan7 jan9 jan10 Jan11Be sure to catch the entire video on Slave Boy Training!

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