New Slave Boris – Final Part – Russian Captured Boys

This is Boris number two! Well, here’s the final part of the Boris series on Russian Captured Boys, featuring this beautiful boy who looks like the hot boy next door that you’re probably salivating over.

Boris finds himself strapped down on this sinister wooden hammock! But not to get cradled and pampered but to suffer!

I don’t know about you but I’ve drooled when I saw him spreadeagled like that. Having the mysterious man with the sunglasses in the background makes this more fascinating and quite sinister!

You can hear Boris screaming here while the man poured that hot wax all over his body. Imagine the agony. I just can’t contain myself. That was so much fun to watch. 🙂

You should also see the other two earlier clips featuring Boris. There’s one where he gets whipped while his hands are tied over his head. I enjoyed watching him flinching around, trying to avoid the sting of the whip but with no luck!



NewSlaveBorisFinal-3 NewSlaveBorisFinal-4 NewSlaveBorisFinal-5 NewSlaveBorisFinal-2 NewSlaveBorisFinal-6 NewSlaveBorisFinal-1

Watch Boris scream on Russian Captured Boys!

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