Nick & Terry Caught Red Handed at the Park Toilets

Hot young, gay men like Nick may find themselves looking for actions at the park toilets every now and then. That’s also true when this toilet is quite infamous for being a pit stop for horny, muscular men looking to have a good time.

It doesn’t take long before a man approaches Nick and the adventure begins! It’s just going to be one of the few men he’s looking to mess with.

A few moments later, a utility worker enters to relieve himself. Nick immediately notices the hot man and did not waste time and made his moves. His name’s Terry and it only took a few seconds before they find themselves making out.

While they are in the heat of the moment, they did not notice the security officers that walked in on them. It was too late for Nick and Terry to stop as they were completely manhandled from that point on.

What happens next is the humiliation of the two young men at the hands of the horny security officers.

Here are some photos for you to salivate over and you can watch the entire series on CMNM!

parktoilets8-1 Parktoilets8-2 parktoilets8-3 parktoilets9-1 parktoilets9-2 parktoilets9-3 parktoilets9-4 parktoilets10-1 parktoilets10-2 parktoilets12-2 parktoilets12-3 parktoilets-12-1

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