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I first featured about Noah’s Silent Slavery last June 4th. It’s been a month now and four more episodes in. Noah’s training to be a sex slave has been demanding, to say the least. His tormentor, the muscular Jared, is relentless with what he demands from his trainee. The lesson that Noah needs to finish here is no exception.

Noah’s chained in the corner, completely naked with a ball-gag stuck in his mouth. The thick, steel collar ensures his captivity. There’s no escape. The collar’s simply too thick to break with one’s bare hands. Noah tries anyway but fails. He realizes this so he contemplates his next action. With not much luck, he ends up touching his cock. He slowly gets hard much to his surprise. How the fuck can he get so turned on under the circumstances?

He knows that there are people watching. He’s old enough to realize the perverse world of people who enslave young men like him for their pleasures. The mere thought scares and excites him at the same time. The irony of his situation gets him even hornier so he starts jerking off almost mindlessly until he starts to shoot his cum.

Jared suddenly walks over, puts a handcuff on Noah, and sticks his cock into the young man’s mouth. A beautiful specimen like Noah is made, if not born, to suck cock such as his own.

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Watch Noah strokes himself as copes with his slavery on Dream Boy Bondage!

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