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Nothing beats a classic gay fuck, and that’s exactly what has in store for us in this scene with gay porn stars Logan Vaughn and Landon Conrad.

The scene begins with Landon having a drink at a hotel bar. Not long after, we see Logan entering the scene, taking a seat at the far end of the bar. A few minutes later, Logan approaches Conrad… and then the next thing we know, both hotties enter Logan’s hotel room.



There are a couple of dialogue exchanges. Logan’s basically playing the aggressive lad who urges the hesitant Conrad into messing around. We can hear Conrad explaining that he shouldn’t be doing it since he’s not yet divorced from his wife.

Now, doesn’t this sound familiar? 🙂 I’m sure some of you have found yourself in a similar path.

Well it didn’t take long for Conrad to finally give in to Logan’s charms. Well, I really can’t blame Conrad though. Logan has always been reputed for his “persuasiveness.”


And after that, the rest is pretty much history. :-p

NotDivorcedYetSTG08 NotDivorcedYetSTG15 NotDivorcedYetSTG12

After Logan pretty much fucks the hole out of Conrad, the roles must turn, must it not?


I really love Logan’s reaction here…. he’s such a man whore. :-p


Here’s the hot trailer below to get you started. 🙂


Catch the whole video on Men.

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