P.O.W. Part 3


I’ve been salivating over this video from Men.com featuring gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian and Gabriel Vanderloo. As the title indicates, this gay porn video is about a prisoner of war. At the beginning we see Paddy struggling in ropes. Now that’s a sight to behold for those who get a boner out of looking at men in bondage. The outdoor scene definitely ups the ante for hotness!

Now everyone knows Paddy to have an accent so hearing him speak with so much masculine force makes you drool over and wet your pants at the same time.


Paddy’s hotness doesn’t simply overshadow the equally hot gay porn star Gabriel Vanderloo. Just look at that bod and tell me it’s not worth jerking off on? I dare you. :-p

PrisonerOfWarPart3DMH12 PrisonerOfWarPart3DMH13

Now that’s what you call a facial reaction while getting a good head! I just love it when hot guys give you this type of reaction. It shows gratitude for mouth talent. 🙂

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Click on the trailer below to see for yourself.

PrisonerOfWarPart3DMH15 PrisonerOfWarPart3DMH09 PrisonerOfWarPart3DMH14

Watch them only on MEN!

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