P.O.W – Part 4

Finally! The much awaited gay sex video on MEN is here. It features Paddy O’Brian getting gangbanged for the very first time. Well, in case you didn’t know it’s been a year since Paddy’s first time to get fucked up the arse.

In this series, however, he’s been topping so far. In Part 3 we see Paddy fucking the crap out of Gabriel Vanderloo. The gay sex video is spewing loads of male testosterone as the extremely brusque and masculine Paddy assertively tries to save a friend (in the person of gay porn actor Allen King) from certain molestation. Or maybe it was just a cover-up so his butthole gets all the dick attention. 🙂



The scene above between Paddy and gay porn star Damien Crosse is very intense. It’s like a male lion sizing up another in a territorial demarcation. I’m pretty convinced this is the very scene that sets the tone, which is why the gay fucking that ensued became too hot to handle!



Look at Allen King here! He looks the part of the perfect captive ordered to service these horny cocks, until their tools become so hard they shoot missiles of cum down the poor boy’s throat.





With all these cocks ramming into Paddy’s sweet hole, we didn’t get to see Paddy taking them up his mouth. Now that would be a perfect treat! But I’m almost sure that’s wishful thinking on my part. Maybe we should all petition and express that to the producers of MEN! Now that’s an idea. 🙂

Wait, here’s the trailer so you can start getting hard.

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