Prince Talim Gets Drained on CMNM

The two perverts did a thorough job of inspecting Prince Talim’s ass the last time. But it wasn’t enough. They want to further bring this muscular man to heel. He’s just too hot for them to let go now so they continue with the ruse here on CMNM.

Prince Talim is furious. He’s submitted to the hands of these two perverts. He has his ass drilled and poked and he wishes that this whole ordeal is going to be over soon. He’s completely disgusted but he has no choice but to carry on with what they want. They have something that could shame his entire family and that’s something that he’ll never allow to happen.


Dave and Adrian order Prince Talim to stand up and to keep his hands behind his head. It’s the ultimate pose of submission and they’ve had him in that position most of the time. Now they want to get to the climax of his humiliation. They need to drain him in front of the camera!

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Both men start to feel the muscular chest of Prince Talim and they order him to keep looking at the camera and not to lose contact. They play with his nipples and this makes the prince cringe. It’s beyond humiliating. They’re memorializing this whole thing. There’s no doubt that they’re going to use this next time to blackmail him into submission. He’ll worry about that later. Right now he needs to have his will together to get through it.

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Despite the repugnance that he’s feeling, his cock begins to respond to the persistent hands of these pervert now steadily stroking him. He’s feeling his cum building in his balls and he cannot help but moan from the sensation. It’s mortifying but his dick has come to life of its own.

Before he wills himself to stop from responding, he shoots cord and cord of cum into the hands of these two perverts.

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Watch Prince Talim gets totally drained only on CMNM!

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