Psychotic Master Ross Makes Use of Poor Sub’s Mouth and Ass

This week on Brutal Tops:

The poor, naked, sub stands by for whatever the sadistic master dishes out.

Soon, Master Ross walks with nothing but the Union Flag boxers, which he immediately pulls down so he can stick his hard cock into the waiting slave’s mouth. The slave knows better than to dawdle so he crawls right in front of the master and opens his mouth, patiently waiting for that sweaty dick to make use of his mouth again.

This show of obedience gets the master really turned on and orders the slave on all fours so he can make use of his warm and tight hole.

The psychotic master slides his dick viciously into the sub’s ass. He pumps in and out. He then flips him over so that he have a better access to that tight hole.

After a few moments, the master orders the slave to open his mouth and cums into it. He demands that the slave lick every single drop of cum. The slave obeys without question because he knows that there’s hell to pay if he doesn’t swallow the cum.

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