The Punishment for Sergeant Part 2 on Russian Captured Boys

After the condemned sergeant has been warmed up with the whip, it’s time to ramp up the next punishment in line. The RCB team decides to put the poor warden on bastinado. Well, that will actually follow after he’s gone through some electro torture with the overseer.

They chain his ankles to make sure that he doesn’t escape then the overseer applies the electrodes on the prisoner’s chest. He also makes sure that he applies on the prisoner’s nipples as well. Where else could you put them to administer the greatest amount of pain?

The warden wriggles in his bonds but he’s not going anywhere. They want him to suffer from electric shock, and that’s how it’s going to be.

After the electric torture, they bound the warden’s ankles together and lift them up in the air. Now his soles are exposed and vulnerable to their attack. The prisoner can only moan in agony but he knows that he must endure this torment. There will be time for retribution later.

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Watch the sergeant goes through rough bastinado and electric torture only on Russian Captured Boys!

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