The Punishment for Sergeant Part I on Russian Captured Boys

Another episode has debuted today on Russian Captured Boys called the Punishment for Sergeant. One of the prison warders is caught as being lenient with the captives. This enrages the boss who has a reputation of being cruel to the prisoners. He’s a sadist. He ensures that their living conditions remain primitive and stifling. In short, he wants the captives to be in a constant ordeal.

The prison warder stands meekly by the wall as he listens to the charges and his sentence. He doesn’t deny the allegations. There’s no point. He’s just being a human who’s being compassionate towards others. Maybe’s he’s in the wrong profession but it’s too late to mull over this now.

The boss basically tells him that he’s been caught removing the prisoners’ shackles, having conversations with them, and feeding them more than their measly share of sustenance. The boss tells him that this is a grave mistake and there are consequences.

The prison warder patiently listens. They also ask him if he denies any of it. He responds and says ‘no.’ This unquestionably infuriates the boss even more. He issues the sentence of 100 whips. The prison warder is also ordered to remove his uniform and change into slave clothing. The kind prison warder meekly accepts his punishment.

They strip the warder’s shirt off  securely locks him in a wooden stock. His punishment is about to begin…

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Watch the Sergeant takes his punishment only on Russian Captured Boys!

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