Recruits Trouble – Part 3 on Gay War Games

I’ve featured contents from Gay War Games a couple of times before. It’s really quite a mix-bag in there. The bondage is focused on twinks. If you’re a twink bondage enthusiast, then there’s no better place for you to be in than to be in the land of Tchukistan. If you have the build of a twink, this place may either be heaven or hell for you. It all depends on what you like.

In this series, one of the recruits had been unruly. Their superiors did not have the issue to remind them who the boss was. As for this particular soldier, he enjoyed punishing his subordinate and fucking his tight ass while the poor twink was tied up and gagged. Nothing excited the sergeant more than muffled cries and moans as he slammed his thick, hard cock up his ass.

The poor twink didn’t even realize the kind of hell he got himself into. The pain was becoming unbearable but he knew that he had to endure. Complaining about it now while his superior was fucking him would only make things worse… and he didn’t want to know how things could still get worse given the hard pounding he was feeling deep within his ass right now.

Check out the video only on Gay War Games!

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Like the photos? Imagine how you’d feel watching the video. 🙂

Check it out at Gay War Games now!

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