Relatively Smart Convict Strip Searched by Perverted Guards

This guy was actually featured back in May on Strip Search Hell.

He isn’t the typical stupid convict who wastes his energy showing bravado in the hopes that it’ll intimidate the guards. They’re too silly to think that it’ll work but it never did and it never will. The guards always have the upper hand in this prison. It’s never the other way around.

Not the guy we’re featuring here, though… He has more sense than that. He seems to understand that he doesn’t have the upper hand and resistance is going to be futile. He keeps his composure despite the discomfort of being strip searched like a cattle being readied for slaughter.

With that, he has gained a little bit of privilege to be searched in private as opposed to a common area where plenty of other guards hiding in the closet would leer at straight convicts like him. Disgusting, he thought!

Watch him strip and searched by the guards in the most intimate areas of his body.

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Watch this guy searched in the scene entitled Conspiracy to traffic arms Рonly at Strip Search Hell!

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