Rent-a-Boy – Andrei – Final – Sixth Frontal NUDITY Model

It has now come to its final conclusion on this bondage series. The Russian Captured Boys team has laid out the terms to Andrei to get his money’s worth. But before you go on further check out the previous blog post about it here!

They will continue with the electric shock until the RCB boss has fulfilled his cravings to pretty much torment a hot dude like Andrei. After about a few rounds, he instructed Andrei to perform another humiliating task.

After going through the shock treatment, Andrei is expected to cum within three minutes. For some guys, you’d probably think that’s not so terribly difficult, but when you’ve just endured some electric shock treatment, that maybe a little difficult to drive an erection, unless you’re naturally submissive or masochistic.

Anyway, Andrei went to wank his own manhood first time, but failed. The boss punished him by giving him fifteen lashes while he leans down on the floor.

He was then given a second attempt to jerk off and cum within three minutes again… but guess what? He failed again. The boss was so pissed off that he tied him up until he stood on his tip toes. The boss then beats him up with the whip until Andrei just moaned in agony and even said how much it hurt!

Here are some of the photos! You should check out the video on Russian Captured Boys!

foto0064 foto0254 foto0502 foto0578 foto0797 foto0814 foto1098 foto1170Watch the whole series on Russian Captured Boys!

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