Rent-a-Boy – Andrei – Part I – Sixth Frontal NUDITY Model

Ever since Russian Captured Boys began their “Frontal Nudity” sets, their fans went ecstatic! I should know since I’m a big fan of their site and work. They have featured six models thus far, including the model that we will have a glimpse below.

Andrei is the sixth star in line, and just look at how gorgeous this model is! I’ve been following every video that comes out of their site religiously every week and I’m pretty sold to the idea that I’m going to visit Moscow someday just to see the shoots! If anything, this site is really the royalty of hot male bondage!

So back to Andrei…From what we’ve learned he’s an escort that offers intimacy for a price. Well, our Russian Captured Boys team is not interested in that kind of service so they cut him a deal–they’ll pay him triple than his going rate if he submits to pain.

After a little haggling here and there, Andrei agreed because the money’s just too good to pass up.

So let the games begin! :-p

Foto006 Foto059 Foto104 Foto152 Foto163 Foto252 Foto277 Foto713 Foto631 Foto911Watch the bondage video now at Russian Captured Boys!

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