Rent-a-Boy – Andrei – Part II – Sixth Frontal NUDITY Model

Remember this scorching male escort from Part I? The Russian Captured Boys team even had to haggle with him because they were simply not interested in sex but rather submit his body to pain and suffering. Well, now he’s back to endure suspension with just a metal pole for support.

Will he be able to survive this agonizing challenge? With his athletic body, one could easily bet that he would…however, that’s only if your tormentor doesn’t prick your armpits with the electric prod.

Watch as Andrei dances in his bondage to avoid the pain brought by the electric shock. Ultimately there was no other way to avoid the contact. Once it’s made, it’s surely a taste of hell for him.

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ready_5006 ready_5153 ready_5276 ready_5350 ready_5530 ready_5545 ready_5555 ready_5609 ready_5786Watch it now on Russian Captured Boys!

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