Rent-a-Body 5 – Mikhail – Part 1 on Russian Captured Boys

You’re all probably wondering why I didn’t have my Russian Captured Boys post up last Monday. I was actually debating if I should. This series is considerably flat compared to the exciting and strong cap of the full nudity finale of the Captured Paratrooper series. You be the judge. What may not be as exciting for me may actually be good for you, so why should I deprive you, guys.

This is the fifth the Rent-a-Body franchise. The model is all right. Again, he pales compared to the “Paratrooper” featured last week.

So here goes Mikhail. For those of you who enjoy this type of bondage, I’m sure this is a treat.

MVI_70980051 MVI_70980124 MVI_70980149 MVI_70980199 MVI_70980423 MVI_70980470 MVI_70980591 MVI_70980700 MVI_70981049

Watch Mikhail only on Russian Captured Boys!

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